An important facet of an international student’s stay in New Zealand is their homestay experience. Glenfield Intermediate School will ensure a student’s stay is comfortable, happy and positive. The staff in the International Student Department at Glenfield Intermediate School takes great care to place students appropriately.

Glenfield Intermediate School homestay families are experienced at hosting students. They know how to deal with students new to New Zealand, and understand problems they must overcome, such as homesickness, language difficulties and learning to live in a different culture.

All the homestay families are thoroughly assessed before a student is placed with them and parents can feel confident that their children will be well looked after and safe during their stay in New Zealand.

If a student does not feel comfortable with their homestay, they will be moved to a different home.

The School has the welfare and progress of each international student as its primary goals. It maintains a communication flow with both the student’s parents as well as the homestay parents.

If you would like to become a homestay host family and you are in the Glenfield area, please contact our Homestay Co-ordinator on 09 4446582.  Please note all family members over the age of 18 will be Police vetted.

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